Political approach [populism]?

Populism or the rise in Europe? In successive terrorism

Political approach [populism]? Populism or the rise in Europe? In successive terrorism The focus of this week will the nuclear security summit that begins in Washington from the day, but I'm skeptical. Whether it is the last time was held in the Netherlands in the year before, there was then something progress? Such a meeting is not only to create an alibi. Of course, it's better than not open. Than it now Europe, I think especially that it is far more important it is more of what is happening in Belgium. Day, but the gathered crowd to mourn the terror victims in the center of Brussels, rushed Hundreds of far-right, because there was a commotion that the police are eliminated in the water cannon. Previously, if extreme right had to be quiet. What background is that they took action. If you follow is this just terrorism, not liked, such as every beautiful, or that. By utilizing the movement of these masses is the dark side of European populism (populist doctrine), but I may have to re-rise. European Russia the Indian sub-continent EU India summit is held in Brussels to 0 days.

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