Political approach [populism]?

Populism dictatorship of the rise and fate

Political approach [populism]? Populism dictatorship of the rise and fate - whether the century is the era of authoritarian capitalism powers Although no doubt populist dictatorship is on the rise, that either the political legitimacy can be maintained (in other words, whether people will continue to support the dictator of populist) are speaking for the people of position ] that depends on the ability of leaders to continue to maintain the illusion. Ironically, as the leaders to seize greater power, the Toritsukuroi that they speak for the people of the position is no longer convincing, thereby, born vicious circle in the legitimacy of the populist. If this 0-year was the melancholy era to the more depressing for the Democratic faction, the possibility of the next 2.0 years is a tough era surprisingly for the dictator is enough. Many of the people is the rise of populist political party in the recent Western believes that can be described as [00 years of financial crisis and recession of the aftermath that followed it].

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