Political approach [populism]?

The courage which is not responding to populism relaxation ...

Political approach [populism]? The courage which is not responding to populism relaxation expectations of central bank Mainichi 0 date Tokyo morning newspaper Morning newspaper political opinion The paper published articles Politics Premier timeline [PR] Following the European Central Bank last week (ECB), the Federal Reserve Board of the United States (FRB) has relaxed the financial. Is a continuous cut interest rates second only to the end of the month. The Bank of Japan, but affirmed the policy, with Haruhiko Kuroda President press conference, gave hints on further easing at the next meeting. Certainly in the future of the global economy, it has increased anxiety materials. Tense of trade war and the situation in the Middle East in the US, but the UK and fear that the withdrawal from the European Union without agreement. But challenges should aim the political diplomatic solved is almost. Policy interest rates in major countries is a unprecedented low levels. Japan and Europe has continued to minus interest rate measures.

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