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"Populism and the European upheaval France pulls the trigger of the ...

Political approach [populism]? "Populism and the European upheaval France is to either pull the trigger of the EU collapse" re-recorded remarks of the "Asahi Shimbun" published in Kunisue Aida "What populism and the European upheaval France pulls the trigger of the EU collapse" (Kodansha + Shinsho, 0 years 0 days) Corresponding portion is in this book - over the page. Kunisue's published interview in the "Asahi Shimbun" in the form of the following by ([obey [freedom] of the inconvenience of the University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Associate Professor Megumi Ikeuchi] "Asahi Shimbun" 0 years October date morning edition) once was the but, in the work that's Kunisue has been published in the French presidential election just before, we who have re-recorded by cutting out the heart of my argument. Here Kunisue san, draw the blood of the founder Hasanban'na of the Muslim Brotherhood, the discussions with Islamic thinkers activist of Tar Riku Ramadan of Europe grew up, drill down against the discussion with me, claiming the defense of Muslim rights discussion has asked the risk that would undermine the freedom which is a premise of social norms of Western Europe to be.

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