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Leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel retirement expressed ...

Political approach [populism]? Leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel retirement expressed and the European populism Government administration of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the refugee problem is difficult German Chancellor Angela Merkel, not run for the party leader election the Christian Democratic Union, which itself serves as the party leader (CDU) is carried out in the month this year, its intention to withdraw the seat of the party leader was continued year was revealed in October day. On the other hand, the prime minister continued until 0 years of expiration of his term, then it is considered to retire from politics. However, the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel by step down the leader is reduced, is considered is a possibility that lame-duck of proceeds. In that case, can not fulfill the term of office of the prime minister, it will be a general election ahead of schedule there is a possibility to be implemented. To Merkel is just the day before to express such intention, CDU in the state parliament election was held in the western state of Hesse where there is a financial city Frankfurt, had greatly reduced the percentage of votes.

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